The Footprint Gallery in Jackfield beckons artists from near and far to contribute their work for their upcoming Open Exhibition.

Regardless of experience level, all artists are warmly encouraged to share their talents within the inviting walls of the gallery.

The exhibition promises a diverse array of artworks, spanning genres such as paintings, prints, sculptures, and beyond. Footprint Gallery is committed to fostering inclusivity, welcoming both seasoned artists and newcomers alike to showcase their works to the public eye.

Entrants may submit up to six pieces for consideration, with a nominal entry fee of £10 for the initial artwork and £5 for subsequent submissions. Should a piece be sold during the exhibition, a modest 25% commission will support the ongoing development of the gallery.
The exhibition will grace the gallery from 14 - 30 June 2024, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and inspiration. Embrace this opportunity to leave your mark on the local arts scene and be part of the Footprint Gallery's vibrant artistic community.

Submissions close on Friday 10 May - find out more and registar here. 




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