This May half term, from Saturday 25 May to Sunday 2 June, Ironbridge Valley of Invention is offering a jam-packed menu of events and activities inspired by the theme of food.

Tantalising Taste, Enginuity

At this extra-special workshop, kids will explore how we use the five senses to detect flavours – from the yummiest to the yuckiest! Once children have got their tongues around different flavours they will work together to make yummy sherbet sweets.

Event in collaboration with Fizz Pop Science. This event is suitable for mini scientists aged 5-11. Additional charge of £3 on top of Enginuity ticket price, £1 for PASS PLUS holders. One-hour workshops begin at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Spaces are limited and must be booked.

Victorian Food Week, Blists Hill Victorian Town

At Blists Hill Victorian Town, visitors will get an insight into what the Victorians ate. They will be able to watch a special cooking demonstration in which the indomitable Mrs Clack will teach Constable Jarrett how to cook for himself. They will also have the chance to join the town’s residents in making traditional sweet treats.

In the museum’s catering outlets, hungry visitors will have the chance to try classic Victorian dishes that they won’t find elsewhere.

Additional charges apply.

Oh Crumbs!, Coalport China Museum

Coalport China Museum will host drop-in sessions for kids where they will make biscuits from air dry clay. They will be challenged with making the most realistic biscuit! Children will be able to take their own unique biscuit home, where it will be ready to be painted a few days later.

All equipment will be provided. Suitable for all ages from 2+. £3 per person on top of Coalport China Museum ticket price, £1 for PASS PLUS holders. 11am-3pm.

Edible Tiles, Jackfield Tile Museum

In this special drop-in event, children who have visited the museum will be able to take inspiration from the tiles they have seen to create their own tile design on an edible biscuit that they can take home and eat.

All materials will be provided. Suitable for all ages from 2+. £3 per person on top of Jackfield Tile Museum ticket price, £1 for PASS PLUS holders. All day.

For full details of events, tickets and annual pass prices, visit




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